Your Twitter Account Matters

Date: September 14, 2014 Posted by: Xandra In: Social media marketing

No other platform lets you jump in on conversations the way Twitter does. Search any hashtag or keyword and you’ll find tons of content in relation to your search. You have the freedom on Twitter to reply and join in on conversations at any time around the world. With so many social platforms to choose from, what is the significance of Twitter nowadays? To begin with, Twitter is one of the top platforms for activity after Instagram. It is also the top platform for user engagement without requiring ad spend. If you’re on a tight budget, you should adjust your strategy to weigh heavier on Instagram and Twitter and lighter on Facebook.

Among the benefits companies can find with a Twitter heavy strategy are:

  1. Options for lead generation

Using Twitter cards, a free tool you’ll find via the Twitter Ads platform (subject to eligibility), you can collect email addresses from users. The best part for the user is never having to leave Twitter to provide their email address.

  1. Enhanced user experience

Never having to leave Twitter means the user stays connected to conversations happening on Twitter. Twitter cards also allows for users to view webpages with extended descriptions. The result: more link clicks.

  1. Quality engagement

More clicks means higher engagement for Twitter. In addition to the clicks, video and photo views are more prominent in Twitter thanks to recent updates. Users enjoy having discussions around a variety of topics at Twitter parties.

  1. Variety of content

Using Twitter parties serves a double dose of purposes including engagement and adding variety of content for your audience. Never post duplicate updates from other platforms to Twitter. By tailoring the content for the platform, you’re more likely to gain valuable, influential followers as well as a reputation for being a reliable Twitter user.

Many companies forget about the opportunity with Twitter because their peers are all on Facebook. Don’t forget your Twitter account exists (for those who set it up and seldom use it).Twitter can make a difference in helping you reach your digital marketing goals this year.